Fruits Vietnam


1. Seasonal arid perennial fruits

In Vietnam, especially in South Vietnam, many of the fruits are seasonal while others are available any time of the year. Durian, rambutan, mangos teen, mango are seasonal fruits and they are avail-able at different seasons of the year. The fruits that are available all the year round are banana, papaya, watermelon and pomelo.

Seasonal arid perennial fruits

2. Durian, the most favourite fruit

Of the local fruits durian is the most favour it among the people. It has a hard skin with thorns all over. The fruit is therefore handled carefully to protect fingers. The peculiar nature of the fruit is its smell. It is an offensive odour to foreigners but a lovely smell to the loca1s. Rambutan has a soft hairy skin and is a juicy fruit. Mango-steen which is also sweet and tasty has a hard skin. Mango, a de-licious fruit with flesh which turns yellow when ripe, may be the most typical fruit of the Mekong Delta region.

Durian, the most favourite fruit

3. Vietnam is a land of fruits

Many who visit tour Vietnam show a keen interest in tasting our fruits. They envy our country for being so rich in tasty fruits of many varieties. All these fruits grown here are tropical fruits because of the hot wet climate.

Vietnam is a land of fruits

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