Sedge weaving and knitting craft in Tien Hai

Thai Binh Province is known as “the land of rice” which is familiar to every Vietnamese. This land is famous for specific cultural features, especially craft-villages wich feature specific characteristics of a Iand with vast paddy-fields.

Hundreds of traditionaI craft-villages in Thai Binh not only provide main income for local people but also contribute to creating the own cultural character of this land. Craft-villages have gone though many ups and downs, so does the sedge mat weaving craft in Tien Hai District. However, thanks to local rustic farmer’s efforts to preserve the traditional craft, love for their home-village, skills a determination, the sedge mat weaving craft has been developing strongly by adding high export value handicrafts. Local farmers earn their livings by the traditional craft transferred by their forefathers. ..”vietnam travel

Sedge weaving and knitting craft in Tien Hai.
As for people in Tien Hai District, Thai Binh Province, the sedge grass is a valuable tree as it has been a source of income for local people over the past years. Skillful people in Tien Hai have been making various segde grass products that are becoming more popular in both domestic and foreign markets. The sedge grass is a high value industrial tree in coastal alluvial regions. Growing sedge grass in this region not only supplies raw materials but also contributes to the ecology protection. Many traditional craft-villages appeared thanks to the sedge grass…..

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